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Chinese Medicine Weight loss Principles: guidelines to a slim healthy body

Chinese Medicine Weight Loss

Chinese Medicine Weight loss Principles [blank h=”30″] [/blank] 1. Eat regularly Plan your meals  to eat at the same times daily because the body likes routine. An erratic eating pattern disturbs the spleen energy and eventually reduces proper digestive function. As a result of irregular eating habits you may experience bloating, cravings and fatigue. 2. Focus on your […]

Discover Licorice/ Liquorice (gan cao)

Discover Licorice/ Liquorice (gan cao) [blank h=”30″] [/blank] Did you know that liquorice root is about 50 times sweeter than sugar? Liquorice means “sweet root” , named by a Greek physician “Dioscorides”. Liquorice has been used around the world for thousands of years and is a very popular herb in Chinese medicine. In Chinese medicine, […]