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Acupuncture for Temporomandibular Disorders: Effective Pain Management


The study aimed to assess the effectiveness of conventional acupuncture in managing temporomandibular disorders (TMD) in adults.


Researchers searched electronic databases, including PubMed and EMBASE, for studies up to March 31, 2016.


Nine studies with 231 patients were included. Acupuncture significantly reduced pain on the visual analog scale (VAS). Compared to sham treatments (sham acupuncture and sham laser), acupuncture showed a notable decrease in pain. However, it wasn’t significantly different from splint treatments. Subgroup analysis revealed acupuncture was particularly effective for myofascial pain.


Conventional acupuncture is effective in reducing TMD-related pain, especially for myofascial pain symptoms.


  1. Xie, Y., Zhang, S., & Deng, Z. (2017). Acupuncture therapy in the management of the clinical outcomes for temporomandibular disorders: A PRISMA-compliant meta-analysis. Medicine, 96(9), e6064.

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