Treatment for female low libidoFemale Libido Enhancement

Acupuncture & Herbs for Low Desire in Women

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How can Acupuncture & Chinese medicine Enhance Female Libido?

In Chinese medicine a low desire can suggest an imbalance in your energy system. There may be a number of causes of low libido which an acupuncture and herbal consultation will help to uncover. Your acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment will aim to balance your hormonal levels, stress and energy levels to act as a natural female libido enhancer.

How many female libido enhancer Treatments will you need?

A course of acupuncture and herbal medicine is 10 treatments. Often after a course of acupuncture you’ll have improvement in your energy levels. We’ll reassess your health after a course and discuss your treatment plan for future health goals.  After each acupuncture female libido enhancer treatment you should feel a sense of calm or balance as the treatment starts to work. Your acupuncture treatments will be further enhanced when combined with Chinese herbal medicine.

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