Adult Trampoline & Foam Pit Melbourne

If you want to loosen your body, have lots of fun, lose weight and learn some skills all at the same time then you definitely should try Sylark Circus Adult Classes in East Hawthorn Melbourne Victoria. I Went along to a free trial class last night and after some fun warm ups, trampolining into the foam pit, and lots of other activities involving flying through the air I highly recommend it as a fantastic way to keep active. Also great for cross training for Skiing, Snowboarding, BMX, Skating, Surfing, Wakeboarding, Kiteboarding, Wushu, or any other agile extreme activity. Most other class members were simply there for fun and fitness.

The instructors offered a safe, fun and social evening with lots of great instruction for improving technique at whatever level you’re at. Trampolining and acrobatics is a fantastic spring activity for freeing your physical and emotional energy..

To stay healthy and youthful you have to keep moving and what better way to do it than having fun on some tramps.

Paul Carter

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