Optimise Your Health in Autumn

Chinese Diet Advise for Autumn


The key to maintaining health in autumn is to get into the mindset of conserving energy. By slowing down your energy output in autumn, you can avoid colds, skin and lung problems, as well as maintaining a strong immune system for winter.

Implement these Changes for a Healthy Autumn

1. Go to bed early and wake early. Sleeping before midnight is highly rejuvenating.

2. Stay warm. Autumn in Melbourne is a time of rapid temperature change. Wear layers and always carry a scarf to prevent cold penetrating your neck region. Wearing a scarf can help prevent cold and flu’s from a Chinese medicine perspective.

3. Slow down. Take notice of what nature does in autumn. The environment around you is conserving energy and so should you. Eat less food, exercise at a comfortable pace, stay home more often, talk softly, read and relax. Embrace the slower life and connect with the season.

4. Warm your belly. Change to soups and stir fries over salads and raw fruit. Eat porridge and blanched fruit for breakfast. Warm food is easier to digest and adds yang energy to your body. Remember to chew your food thoroughly while remaining present. If juicing, add ginger and take the juice at room temperature to warm. This reduces energy loss and adds fire to your belly.

5. Deep Breathing. Autumn is part of the metal element in Chinese medicine and time of the lungs. By strengthening your lungs in autumn you will be preparing yourself for a healthy winter. Deep diaphragmatic breathing activates the lymphatic system thereby strengthening immunity. Breathe in for the count of 4, hold 4 and breathe out to the count of 8. Practice 10 repetitions, twice per day and feel your strength build daily.

6. Acupuncture & Herbs. Acupuncture treatment was traditionally administered at the change of season as prevention for illness. Certain acupuncture points have been proven to instantly increase white blood cell count after activation therefore increasing your immunity. If you’re healthy, have acupuncture at the change of season for an immune boost. Remember to come in at the initial stage of any cold. Acupuncture, cupping and herbs can drastically reduce sickness. Medical certificates are available if needed.


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