A New Horizon: From Nova Scotia Canada to Hervey Bay

The Carter Family Moving to Hervey Bay

From Antigonish to Hervey Bay: A New Chapter

The Move from Canada

In Antigonish, Nova Scotia, my family and I had built a comfortable life (I’m a Brisbane boy originally and my wife is Canadian). But as time went on, the desire to be closer to our Australian family and the appeal of a warmer climate grew stronger. With small kids, the decision to move wasn’t easy, but we knew it was the right one.

Late November 2022 marked our departure from Canada. We sold our house in Antigonish and embarked on the journey back to Australia.

Settling in Hervey Bay

Upon arriving in Hervey Bay, QLD, we were greeted by the still waters protected by Kgari (Fraser Island). The absence of waves, the calm sea, and the welcoming community made the transition smoother.

In December 2022, I set up my Acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinic in Hervey Bay. It was a significant step, reflecting my passion for natural medicine and Chinese philosophy.

The Clinic’s Impact

The clinic quickly found its place in the community. Offering treatments based on ancient Chinese wisdom, it became a go-to for those seeking a holistic approach to health. The calm waters of Hervey Bay seemed to mirror the balanced and serene approach to healing that Chinese medicine promotes.


Our move from Antigonish to Hervey Bay was a significant life change. It was a decision driven by family connections and the pursuit of a dream. The establishment of the Chinese medicine clinic in Hervey Bay is not just a new business; it’s a continuation of a journey that began in Canada.

Hervey Bay, with its unique still waters and warm community, has become our new home. It’s where we’ve started a fresh chapter, and where the principles of Chinese medicine have found a fitting backdrop.

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