Earthing and grounding products

Earthing and grounding products

Earthing and grounding products

Have you heard of the benefits of being barefoot on the earth?

For the entire human existence (except the last 100 or so years) we’ve been connected to the earth walking with conductive material on our feet and sleeping on conductive material. Since rubber soles and mattresses we’ve become insulated. When we’re connected to the earth we get rid of excess energy as well as drawing electrons up into our body to create antioxidants. Walking on the beach barefoot therefore discharges excess energy and draws fresh energy up. Now we have earthing and grounding  products to do a similar thing.

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2 thoughts on “Earthing and grounding products

  1. Jordan says:

    I hope more people start to hear about the benefits of Earthing and how it can dramatically improve their health and vitality!

  2. Paul Carter says:

    So do I Jordan. Most people I introduce earthing products to notice an immediate difference in quality of sleep and energy levels. What are your experiences?

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