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Acupressure Labour Pain Relief & Induction Points

Acupressure labour pain reliefDebra Betts has produced a fabulous manual for relieving labour pain with acupressure and promoting labour induction for natural pain relief and childbirth. She allows for free distribution and I highly recommend for pregnant women to print out this manual, study it with their partner and use the techniques during labour to bring on natural pain relief in labour.

Acupressure for labour pain relief. Here’s the pdf manual: Acupressure labour pain free download

I’ve given this manual to my patients in my  acupuncture clinic to relieve labour pains and had such great feedback that I felt it necessary to have a copy easily accessible online.

The manual describes the Acupressure labour pain relief points in detail.  With easy to follow instructions to find points with pictures and techniques for stimulating the points with acupressure.

Debra outlines the points to use to relieve labour pain as well as points to induce labour once the waters have broken. Within the manual are a number of points that are effective labour induction points and these points are recommended to used with caution during pregnancy so as not to induce too early.

Along with printing this manual I recommend a visit to your local qualified acupuncturist with a special interest in pregnancy and women’s health at around 36-37 weeks pregnant. Acupuncture is very effectively used as a pre- birth labour preparation therapy which has been shown to reduce labour pain and duration. I’ve found that patients having acupuncture from week 36 tend to have quicker labours than average.

Your acupuncturist can guide you through the acupressure pain relief points mentioned within Debra’s manual plus give you lots of additional information for recovery after child birth. For example after child birth I always recommend my patients to eat a hearty stew or soup to warm and nourish the body with easily digestible foods. Your acupuncturist will have their own information to guide you through your pregnancy and labour.

Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy, labour and childbirth.

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Betts, D. Acupuncture in Pregnancy and Childbirth. The Journal of Chinese Medicine Ltd, 2006


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