Acupuncture Insomnia Treatment Hervey Bay

The average adult needs 8–9 hours of sleep per night to maintain a healthy body, mind and emotions. Less sleep impacts your health. Five to six hours per night affects your metabolism, stress levels and immune function.  This leads to decreased productivity, weight gain, stress and premature aging. Acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine are effective insomnia treatments. These therapies calm the mind, decrease stress and help you to sleep.

Research has found acupuncture to improve duration and quality of sleep. In fact it had better results than pharmaceutical medication. Research involving 3811 patients and 46 trials describes acupuncture as effective for treating insomnia.  Acupuncture for treatment of insomnia research

How does sleeping affect you?

  1. Memory: Going to sleep shortly after learning something new produces better exam results. Go to bed early for better memory recall.
  2. Metabolism. Chronic under sleeping affects your hormone levels. This increases appetite and disturbs your body’s ability to process and store carbohydrates. If you want to lose weight, make sure you’re sleeping well.
  3. Emotions. Chronic sleep deprivation increases stress hormones affecting mood and concentration. You’ll feel happier after a good sleep.
  4. Libido. Decreased sleep leads to low testosterone production. This means low libido in both males and females.

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