Paul considers himself a family man now and enjoys nothing else but to spend time with his wife and three children. The Carters are an active family that enjoy getting into nature and socialising with friends.


Paul’s hobbies are surfing with friends and practicing qi gong, yoga and reading in his spare time.


Paul was born and raised in Brisbane in a home surrounded by natural medicine. His Mother and Father ran a healing clinic which exposed Paul to experiences that cemented his belief in natural medicine from a young age.

At the age of 12 Paul began kung fu training under a martial arts expert from Beijing. His several years of training exposed Paul to Chinese health and healing practices that allowed him to experience the concept of energy (qi).

After leaving school he enrolled in massage therapy which he practiced for over 15 years.  He explored many energy based massage styles however fell in love with Chinese medicine after experiencing the benefits for his own health.

He enrolled in an intensive 4 year bachelor degree at Victoria University studying acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine 25-30 contact hours per week. Paul has  been in practice for many years and incorporates his accumulated life knowledge to help people enhance their health.

Paul practices mindfulness while treating with his aim to keep his 100% attention on you and the treatment focus. His needling, herbal preparation and consulting is all performed with power of intention. Paul believes this is the key ingredient to give superior treatment results.