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Optimise Your Health in Autumn

Chinese Diet Advise for Autumn

OPTIMISE YOUR HEALTH IN AUTUMN The key to maintaining health in autumn is to get into the mindset of conserving energy. By slowing down your energy output in autumn, you can avoid colds, skin and lung problems, as well as maintaining a strong immune system for winter. Implement these Changes for a Healthy Autumn 1. […]

Optimise Your Health in Summer

Chinese Medicine Health Principles in Summer

OPTIMISE YOUR HEALTH IN SUMMER Summer is considered the most yang time in the yearly cycle where yang dominates yin. Yang is the external, outward moving, male, sun, hot, fast, extroverted energy that can be seen in nature which is alive with activity and growth at the moment. In Chinese medicine summer is the fire […]

Hay fever remedies

Hay Fever Treatment Melbourne

CHINESE MEDICINE HAY FEVER REMEDIES DIET AND LIFESTYLE SUGGESTIONS FOR REDUCING YOUR HAY FEVER SYMPTOMS What if there were natural hay fever remedies that not only worked to treat the symptoms but prevented the condition appearing? Natural hay fever remedies based on traditional Chinese medicine principles may be an effective way to gain control of your health. WHAT […]

Phlegm & Mucus in Throat

Phlegm and Mucus inThroat

REDUCE PHLEGM & MUCUS IN THROAT Foods to add and avoid to reduce phlegm and mucus from your throat Phlegm and mucus in the throat may be an acute or chronic condition commonly seen in an acupuncture and herbal medicine clinic. Phlegm and mucus are seen as a damp toxic product, commonly caused by eating […]

Blood Deficiency | Chinese Medicine (TCM) Food & Dietary Therapy

Nourish the Blood using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Dietary Therapy: discover what blood deficiency is in TCM and what foods and recipes can tonify (strengthen) blood. What is Blood Deficiency in Chinese Medicine and why tonify it? Blood deficiency in Chinese medicine means there is a depletion of blood in your body. This may be […]

Adzuki Beans Benefit: A Chinese Medicine Perspective

Adzuki Beans can help You lose Weight Here’s a recipe for adzuki beans soup that has some great benefits for those wanting to lose weight. I personally recommend this addition to many of my weight loss patient’s diets with some great results. Acupuncture and herbal medicine can drastically improve energy, cravings, bowel motions and moods […]